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VIROO Studio package is a high-level, component-based, Unity package for creating XR experiences. Provides a high-level framework, running on top of Unity that allows you to generate in a simple way (low-code / no-code) content for Virtual Reality, which can be easily distributed to the users of your organization through the VIROO platform.

Contains a set of components that support the following features:

  • Networked multiplayer: VIROO supports the collaboration of multiple users in the same session, who can join from different platforms.
  • Multi-platform development: VIROO Studio Interaction System interactions work both on Desktop (keyboard and mouse) and on VR headsets supported by OpenXR (all devices running on SteamVR, Meta Quest, Pico, ...); as well as on CAVE systems and free-roaming VR Rooms.
  • Easy support for VR and XR: VIROO Studio is in charge of setting up the VR systems, creating the avatar of each user who joins the session, providing the user with the necessary components to perform interactions (instantiate controllers or hands), move, move with teleport...
  • Easy no-code interactions: VIROO Studio provides components to perform typical XR content actions, which can be used without programming.

First Steps

Refer to the Getting Started guide to:

After completing the first steps you are ready to start creating with VIROO, go to Working with VIROO Studio.

Find out what's new in the current version at What's new.


If you have any questions or problems that cannot be solved by checking the documentation, please contact our support team through VIROO® VirtualDesk or via email at virooportal@virtualwareco.com.