Table of Contents

Samples (VIROO Lab)

The VIROO Studio package contains an example that will teach you how to use the fundamental components of VIROO Studio.

It shows you how to use the VIROO Interaction System, which covers the most common Virtual Reality interactions:

  • Grab interactions
  • Ray interactions
  • Poke and Trigger interactions

You'll also see how to prepare your content to work over a network, synchronizing the scene for all users who are part of the session.

  • Playing videos and animations
  • Instantiating (and destroying) objects over the network for all users to see them
  • List connected users
  • Teleporting users

And other more advanced interactions. Download the scene and try all the interactions it offers!

Getting VIROO Lab

Follow this steps to obtain VIROO Lab:

  1. Open Package Manager: Window -> Package Manager.
  2. Find Viroo Studio package.
  3. Open Samples tab and click Import on Viroo Lab.


This will add the VIROO Lab scene to your project, in the Assets/Samples/Viroo Studio folder. Open the scene named VirooLab and enter Play mode to test the interactions it provides.