Table of Contents

Set up your Basic Environment

In this section you will find the instructions to follow to configure your development environment correctly and start creating content.

This section covers:

You can choose how to obtain VIROO Studio in one of the following two ways:

Get a VIROO Studio project template. This is the recommended way to start a new VIROO Studio project. You can download a project already configured and with the VIROO Studio package added from one of the following sources:

  • You can download the VIROO Studio template from this link.
  • If you have a VIROO Account, you can also find the VIROO Studio template at VIROO Portal, in the Downloads folder.

If you need to add VIROO Studio package to an existing Unity project, follow the steps described in Getting VIROO Studio package and Setting up your project. By following these two steps, you will have the environment ready to generate content for VIROO, configuring your project manually.